Long before man warred with man, the gods battled among themselves. Indeed, it was as the wars of the gods that the wars of man began. And the wars of the gods for control of this earth had begun on their own planet. It was thus, that mankind’s first civilization [in 2023 BC] succumbed to a nuclear holocaust.

Zecharia Sitchin, Biblical Archeologist – from The Lost Book of Enki,
the 9th Book in the prophetic Earth Chronicles series


Taken from the forward of Zecharia Sitchin’s latest book, the quote above reads like fiction, but it’s not. Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles series is perhaps one of the most factual and impressive research works of our time.

As one of the foremost, living translators of ancient languages, Sitchin has been called “the greatest detective ever.” From ancient scrolls, manuscripts and archaeological finds, he has reconstructed an extraordinary picture of mankind’s evolution that is unparalleled in both its historical depth and accuracy. These historical documents, some dating back 6,000 years, trace our genetic roots all the way out to the stars - to an extra-terrestrial race of war-like people who established colonies here on Earth eons ago. It is a history with profound implications, indeed, for mankind.

By knowing the past one can, in theory, better navigate the future. In this case, what Sitchin has uncovered not only challenges our perceptions, but sheds a new light on recorded history, from ancient mythology to the mysterious creation of pyramids and Easter Island statues, to the World Wars, and even our current geo-political situation. If we really are the progeny of an extra-terrestrial warrior race, what can we learn from them – their sciences, their technologies? And when and why did they leave Earth? More importantly, it seems that their own mistakes led to the destruction of their home planet before arriving on Earth. Will we be doomed to repeat them or can humanity rise up and answer to a higher calling?

With more than one million books already sold, the Earth Chronicles has attracted attention from all corners of the world. As a television series, it has the potential to be one of the most talked about and controversial of our time.

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