Text Box:  10-Minute Cures!

Can headaches really be cured or that painful lower back ache vanquished… in just 10 minutes? Do raw potato slices over the eyelids cure pink-eye? Can Cayenne pepper really help with indigestion? Discover the answers to these and many more, in this upbeat, entertaining and wonderful self-health hit, 10-Minute Cures! hosted by author, media personality and black belt, Dr. Mark Wiley.

[A 13x30 HD, general audience (18 to 64) reality series. Shot locally DC/Philadelphia. $44,500 per episode. Executive Producer: Jim Grapek]


As the episode opens, Dr. Wiley responds to a desperate call from a construction site. Construction workers are complaining about arm and shoulder pain from stud work they're doing. “Doc, can you help us?” Donning his hard hat and tool belt – with a short pause to wink to the audience – Doc jumps in a cab and heads over to the site. En route, the driver, another nuclear physicist from Pakistan, of course, complains about lower back pain from all the driving. “My back is killing me, Doc. What can I do?”

There to help everyone, Dr. Wiley shows him a series of quick exercises which, by working the opposite muscles, can relieve his pain. Even better, he can do these in a minute at a red light so he won't miss his next call. Before he exits the cab, the Doc suggests some things the driver can do at home for more long term relief. “Thanks, Doc. I feel better already!”

At the construction site, we're in for some laughs and some good advice as Dr. Wiley helps the crew with their ailments, and shows them some things they can do at home if they have partners, also. Of course, he gets a few odd looks and laughs as he role plays ‘the partner' and helps demonstrate the cures. Best part: no drugs or surgery needed.

Next up: some quick pop-up facts and remedies that anyone can use. Did you know that a pregnant woman can end her nausea in minutes by sucking on a common root?  It's true.

Now, for those times where Dr. Wiley doesn't have a quick answer or wants to do some investigating, a few regular, colorful health experts will be brought in to assist. And when those special demonstrations are needed, we've got the Doc's eclectic Heal-O-Lab, a cross between a CSI set, a medical office and Dr. Frankenstein's shop. It's an ideal venue to illustrate the modern technique of “cupping” for example, which does the same thing leeches used to do in medieval times – and gives great results! Still, cupping looks pretty painful. After seeing a shot of Dr. Wiley covered with REAL leeches, though, cupping therapy clearly looks like the better choice.

Finally, we're back with Dr. Wiley who has taken to the streets to help passerby's. Queried with what folk remedies and here-say cures work, Dr. Wiley provides answers and advice, and follows that with some highlights from the next week's episode.  Stay tuned!