As most of us now know, our nation's balance sheet has become heavily weighted with liabilities. Oddly, things seem to be going further askew.

Our children rank alongside those of third world countries in terms of education, substance abuse and teen pregnancy. Though up until recently we seemingly enjoyed many years of a stable economy, the average American worker's median hourly pay is now more than one full dollar below what they earned in 1973.  Even scarier, close to 60% of American families today have a zero or negative net worth.

Our environment? It, too, is suffering - with global warming, water shortages, pollution and the depletion of resources threatening our very existence.





Friends, it is time to restore the balance… to give all life, and everything on mother Earth, it's proper value; and to commit to active participation.

Although it may seem difficult sometimes, we can, as individuals, make a difference. Working together, we can accomplish even more.  I founded Associated Producers with this vision in mind: to bring together talented artists and people of like mind and spirit, to develop programs and projects to enhance our quality of life. All life. 

It is a vision that I hope, one day, we can all share together.

Jim Grapek