Environmental Working Group

A great health resource, with information on everything from which personal skin care products and cosmetics are safe...to which bottled water to avoid.


Client Draft: Supraspinous Ligament Injection Therapy - Informational Video

Fluoride Action Network

Broadening public awareness about the dangers of Fluoride - A toxic substance which should not be in drinking water nor toothpaste. 


Client Draft:  Street Crossing Video starring Willy Whistle! :)

Client Draft: NHTSA Motorcycle Helmet PSA

Organic Consumers Association

A public interest organization campaigning for food safety, health, fair trade and environmental sustainability.



Take a 2-minute video poetry break with the cosmic Kelly G!


What in Blazes is BioGeometry!?  by Yours truly  (PDF)

Grapek's Guided Meditation mp3 - 15 Minutes


BIRTHING RITUAL (Video) - 20 Minutes

A beautiful way to bring our children into the world!!


Genesis of the Holy Grail - a lecture by Lawrence Gardner

Gardner is a 'scholar's scholar'.  This document is quite the mind bender.  Definitely worth a look.

Cool Essay 1-- About Faith, by Qado

Cool Essay 2 "Relationships" - from Conversations w/God

Cool Essay 3 - Message from the Hopi Elders


A Time to Let Go

Someone emailed me this moving powerpoint.  Nice!


The following discourse on MANIFESTATION is excellent.

The teacher, Frederick Von Miras, passed many years ago and some of the language is a bit outdated - yet, it plays like The Secret.  I was fortunate to spend some time with him and well...  let's just say he was not from here.  ; )


Presentations by Bashar - visit www.bashar.org for some amazing wisdom and insight


A Question of Fate? 

     by Jim Grapek

Physics 101

Physics 201

Physics 301

Physics 401

Physics 501

Creating Your Future (and more) - 32 min. - Windows Media

- Quicktime Link for Mac users

LA - audio only

SS -1 Sample